Bold silver ring with a rose quartz cabochon stone. Delicate and feminine.
It has a organic feel and a beautiful stone of your choice is set above it.

The top of the ring measures 1 1/5 inches (3 cm) and the ring itself is made from squared section silver wire.

This ring is handmade to order in your size. Please allow 1 week before shipping.

You can also choose your stone from a selection of natural semi-precious cabochon stones or I can find a stone you wish. Just ask me and I’ll find it for you!

The stones in the picture are from left to right: blue aventurine, rose quartz, carnelian, green aventurine, jasper, tiger’s eye. I also have turquoise and amethyst.

You can choose your size in here:
US and Canada:
UK, Europe and Australia:

If you are in any other part of the world you can still use these instructions, Feel free to contact me if you have any doubt,

You can see other rings here:

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All my items come with a lovely handmade gift wrap.


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