Handmade adjustable sterling silver ring with a beautiful natural unakite jasper cabochon stone set in the bezel.

The silver ring is satin finished. The height is from 1/2 inches (12 mm) to 7/8 inches (22 mm) in the larger side.

Unakite jasper is a combination of red jasper and green epidote. It’s a beautiful and unpredictable stone, some are mostly green and some mostly peach.
It is named for the Unaka Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina, USA, where it was first found.

Nurturing and harmonizing. Increases patience, determination and resilience. Balances emotions and alleviates feelings of overwhelm. Increases mindfulness.

The stone you see in the images will not be the same I will send to you, it will be a similar one, green and peach areas may vary slightly.

This ring is made to order in your size. Please allow 1 week before shipping.

You can choose your size in here:
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If you are in any other part of the world you can still use these instructions, Feel free to contact me if you have any doubt.

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